Wednesday , December 7 2016

Letter to the Mother

irani chithi

Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Ajaya Shanker Nayak has said the constitution amendment proposal would be registered provided there is consensus among the political parties. At a press conference organized here on Tuesday, he said the amendment proposal would be registered by bringing the CPN-UML into confidence. “The …

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Inspirational Armless Man Uses His Feet As Hands


November 22nd, 2016 :AN inspiring man who lost his arms in a tragic accident uses his nose and feet to play tennis, swim and even drive. Vikram Agnihotri, 45, from Indore, India, lost his arms aged seven when he accidentally touched a high voltage wire. Since then he has not …

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Girl Shows Her Unbe@t@ble Talent

khola mathi

This is the video footage, where a girl is showing her unbeatable talent. Her talent in this video will amaze anyone. She is making a balance in small thread which is h^ng between two stone and above the deep river. She is jumping and dancing in that thread without any …

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Wild Animal @tt@ck

fight of

This 11:23 minutes long video shows some wild @tt@ck of animals. It contains various @tt@ck of wild animals in the jungle. This portrait the hard living of species and their struggle for survival. Even a single step in another boundary is d@ngerou$. Anytime at anywhere an @tt@ck may come towards …

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Earthquake in Japan Fukushima Tsunami ALERT


The initial has prompted a tsunami warning of possible 3m (10ft) waves. The quake struck on Tuesday morning at about 06:00 local time (21:00 GMT, Monday), the Japan Meteorological Agency said. The depth of the quake was estimated to be around 11km (7 miles). In 2011, a large tsunami caused …

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Benefits of the Drinking water in the Empty Stomach

water in mrng

In the human life water has the huge importance. We drink the water in the morning, day and night and in a nutshell every time when we get thirsty. But drinking the water in the morning in the empty stomach has several benefits. If you drink the water in the …

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Reasons of the Divorce

divorce ga

The research has shown that more than 42 percent relation got divorce. And 34 percent of the couple had divorce in their initial 20 years of time. Why there occurs the divorce? According to the sex therapist and the expert Peter has revealed the reasons of the divorce: 1. Extra …

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Don’t put this password


It is very important to keep secret the password of the different sites and mechanical devices. There are so many cyber crime and people do the cyber crime. Cyber security is determined by the password. Many people put their important document in the internet and the main thing of the …

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Symptoms of the Depression

tanab a

There are several reasons which make the people depressed. People get depressed because of the failure, love, family matter, job, business loss etc. Some people lose their life because of the depression. Those who are suffered from the depression they cannot sleep in the night properly. They are being hurried …

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Bald People are more $exy

talu khuile

Being bald and hair fall make people tensed. Many people have the hair fall problems and that makes them unhappy. But one research has shown that those persons are more sexy then other who have the bald head. The research reveals that the hormone which increases the sex power can …

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